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Madeline Jones – First Year in Review

Everyone always warns you, “You’re life is going to change, you wont be able to sleep, you wont have X, you cant do Y.” It seems no one ever tells you how fulfilling having a daughter will be.

The Threat of Climate Change

As the threat of Climate Change continues to demonstrate its potential, political dissidents continue to muddy the water making any progress impossible.

An Unexpected Rocket Plume over San Francisco

What is that unusual light in the sky? A common question, this particular light was not only bright but moving…

NASA Proves Solar Wind Strips Mars’ Atmosphere

NASA has empirical evidence to support long held hypothesis that a weak magnetosphere allowed charged particles from the Sun’s solar wind to strip Mars’ Atmosphere.

Spacewalk Selfie

“Expedition 45 Commander Scott Kelly took this photograph during a spacewalk on Oct. 28, 2015. Sharing the image on social…

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