I’ve commented before that time seems to fly now that she’s either sticking cat ears on the dogs, taking all the ornaments in arms reach off the Christmas tree, or trying to eat dish detergent tabs out of the dish washer. It feels like we’ve entered ‘survive’ at any cost mode, I can hardly imagine what a second bundle of joy might do for us. This tiny little human is full of life and energy that every day is a circus of entertainment, it’s hard to fathom that mere months ago we were excited to see her role over or smile even.

Madeline loves to make Rue wear her favorite cat hat.

Madeline loves to make Rue wear her favorite cat hat.

The first year brought many triumphs and just as many hardships. We’ve celebrated her grasps of language, fearlessness of movement and unceasing curiosity. We’ve been battling a failing kidney with a second surgery on the horizon, countless trips to the hospital radiation department and urologist visits. Even though we don’t know what the future holds for her health, we are lucky that at this point her health issues aren’t major risks.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Luckily humans have two kidneys and her healthy kidney is functioning well enough at this time. We continue to trust that the doctors and surgeons can improve the function of the failing kidney however it will be a tough journey. Although the staff has been wonderful we’ve seen enough of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a lifetime and look forward to a day we can look back on it. And although we often felt isolated and alone we’ve celebrated the impact becoming our own family unit.

Everyone always warns you, “You’re life is going to change, you wont be able to sleep, you wont have X, you cant do Y.” It seems no one ever tells you how fulfilling having a daughter will be. When we take the dogs out at night, she looks up and points at the moon and says, ‘Durh’ her best attempt at saying ‘Moon’. And if it isn’t out she says it with a shoulder shrug and hands held out asking where it is. It’s the simple gestures that really hit home, Madeline is a human with a mind and curiosities all of her own that I have the responsibility to influence and appreciate.

Thank you to all the friends and family that continue to support us, maybe next year she can help me write her year in review.