“Inspiration often comes in tiny packages.”

Weight: Twenty pounds.

Length: 26 inches.


It’s officially summer and we’ve discovered we have a water baby, Madeline loves whatever pool we put her in. Doesn’t matter if its the bath, kiddie pool or the big kid pool she loves every second of it. During meals she’s learned that she can feed Rue and has made a new best friend by sharing her meals. It’s also hard even keeping up with her now, she’s got that whole crawling thing down and she’s walking around the coffee table like nothing else. She learned how to clap and got her first three teeth!

This month also brought the date for her surgery. We arrived early on the 18th of May to the inpatient surgery facility. They took her back for about two hours to perform the surgery, after bringing her back she was heavily medicated and very sleepy. Dr. Scherz assured us the surgery went really well but that we wouldn’t know how things went until a follow up visit after a couple months. We were able to leave the next day and Madeline only has a battle scar to show for her troubles.

Madeline’s Milestones!

  • Crawling and walking with a walker!
  • Saying ‘Momma’ and ‘Dada’ clearly.
  • She’s getting her teeth.

Next Months Goals:

  • Walking without a walker.
  • Keep learning words.
  • Expand on social cues and actions.