“Things don’t have to change the world to be important.”

Weight: Nineteen pounds

Length: 26 inches


This month has really shown us who you are as baby, so many smiles and laughs it almost spoils us. Yes, you still like to be very calm and emotionless just like daddy but when we do certain things like play with Rue or play box with your toys you find it so entertaining. Lately she has been very inquisitive trying out new feelings like touching different surfaces and objects. The same goes for food, she always makes the cutest scrunched up face anytime she tries some new food.

Following up on her medical condition the current status is that one of her kidneys is 20% functional leaving the other kidney doing 80% of the work. The hope is with surgery the doctor will be able to stop any further degradation of functionality however there is no guarantee that the kidney will become more functional. The surgery, known as a pyeloplasty, will cut out a portion of her ureter (tube that goes from kidney to bladder) that didn’t form properly in the womb and re-enforce it for a period of time to let it heal.

Madeline’s Milestones!

  • Moving from sitting to crawling position even though she hardly moves yet.
  • Roles to objects if they are reasonably close.
  • Starting to eat some solids like sweet potatoes, green beans, and oatmeal.

Next Months Goals:

  • Let’s get her crawling already!
  • More foods, less milk for mommy sake.
  • Get some distance on her crawling.