Apple has recently sent invitations for a media event regarding the much-anticipated launch of the new Apple Watch, which is likely to be held in San Francisco on March 9th.

The company did not mention what the event will be about in the invitation which reads simply “Spring Forward,” a word play on the resetting of watches for daylight saving time.

Chief Executive Tim Cook said last momth that the company plans to launch the smartwatch in April. The smartwatch device will let consumers check their emails, pay for goods at retail stores and monitor personal health information, represents Apple’s first major new product introduction since the 2010 launch of the ipad.


Shares of Apple were up 88cents at 129.67 USD on Thursday.

While announcing Apple’s record-breaking earnings, CEO Tim Cook had revelead a rough launch date of April 2015 for the smartwatch.


The device was announced last year in September, but the company didn’t reveal much about its availability, except that it would come in ‘early Spring’. Later, Apple retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, was more specific and revealed the smartwatch would come only after the Chinese New Year. She had also stated how Apple had started planning marketing strategies and all retail employees would be trained to help customers try out the all new smartwatch and its amazing features.